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Your Thoughts on the Drone Delivery Trial

Countless Canberrans have contacted me about the drone delivery service trial called ‘Project Wing’ happening in Bonython.

Project Wing is trialling the delivery of food and small goods of up to 2 kilograms, up to 10 kilometres away.

Normally there are standards and regulations for drones including where and how they fly in a suburban area, proximity to people and the need for the drone to always be in sight of the operator, not flown remotely by a computer and a camera.

Project Wing has been given the all clear from the Civil Aviation Safety Authority and is exempt from these standards.

The main concerns from the public include privacy, noise and hindrance to the serenity of a usually quiet suburb.

I have spoken about this issue in Parliament and have met with Project Wing to talk about these concerns.

If you have any feedback about these drones, please contact me on 6293 1344 or by emailing



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