Standing up for Canberra

Women in Global Business 2012

I wish to pay tribute to the Women in Global Business Speaker Series recently held here in my electorate of Canberra. Only 10 per cent of women in business actually export, and the speaker series aims to increase female participation in international trade and deliver greater economic benefits as well as to create more jobs. This series provides information and resources, support and advocacy, and it helps connect female entrepreneurs who are considering starting or who have just begun to start an international business. 

This series is a joint initiative of state and territory governments and the Australian government. It is an initiative that has been supporting and building a network for Australia's international businesswomen since December 2010. The series hosts seminars presented by prominent businesswomen who have succeeded internationally in growth markets. These businesswomen are not only role models; they are also mentors, providing help, advice and encouragement to other women entering into the competitive export game.

Presenters share their valuable insights and dispense practical advice on how other women can break into growth markets or expand their businesses in the international field. One of the most important contributions of the series is in connecting less-experienced businesswomen with those who already have substantial experience in the international trade and investment markets. In Canberra, we heard from F!NK Design and Lollypotz about their experiences. These mentors share their challenges and successes and offer a framework of support to other businesswomen wanting to learn about the global challenges they may face. The series plays a very important role in mentoring businesswomen and helping more women — (Time expired)

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