Woden Valley Redbacks U14 Girls' Soccer Team 2011

I rise today to congratulate the under-14s Woden Valley girls' soccer team on winning on the FFA Junior Team of the Year award. This is a truly great achievement and it was a win that did not come easily. The under-14 Redbacks, as they are commonly known, fundraised $90,00 so that the dream of competing in two of the world's largest junior club football tournaments in Europe could come true. Their hard work paid off, and this year the girls travelled to Sweden to compete in the Gothia Cup and to Denmark for the Dana Cup.

In Denmark, they competed against 33 other under-14 teams and were undefeated in their eight games to claim the championship. During their entire tour the girls won 12 games, had two draws and two losses. Not only did the girls play extremely well in the competition but their sportsmanship was acknowledged by all of their opponents, many of whom became supporters for later games.

Fifteen of the girls have now gone on to represent the ACT in futsal. They have set their sights on returning for the Gothia Cup as under-16s and competing in the prestigious Dallas Cup next year. I wish the Woden Valley Soccer Club Redbacks under-14 girls team the best of luck in reaching their future goals. Girls, you have made us proud and I hope you win many more games to come. Congratulations and a huge well done.

I also want to remind Canberrans that the opposition leader and the coalition are no friends of Canberra. If elected, they will axe 12,000 public service jobs and entire government departments. I remind Canberrans: remember 1996.

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