Standing up for Canberra

Why Tralee is bad news for Canberra

The short-sighted decision by the NSW Government to go ahead with housing development in Tralee is potentially bad news for everyone living in the Tuggeranong Valley.

My opposition to Tralee is simple. I’m concerned that what will happen in the future is that airplane flights are shifted away from NSW and will be flying over existing suburbs in Canberra’s south.

I’m not against development – just the opposite. I want to see the region grow. The issue, which the Tuggeranong Community Council (TCC) is also rightly worried about, is that new residents in Tralee will complain about airplane noise and start lobbying and we’ll end up with planes flying over the Tuggeranong Valley.

This isn’t a scare campaign. There have been half dozen inquiries into Tralee and all of them have expressed concerns about building houses under a flight path. The Australian Airports Association even called the Tralee development short-sighted and said that just like Sydney, Canberra may end up with a noise-sharing plan. This could mean areas that don’t currently have airplanes overhead may end up living under a flight path in the future.

It’s not good enough for the Tralee developers to say that people buying homes there will be told about aircraft noise and their homes insulated.

The Member for Monaro, Joe Barilaro, is quoted in the Canberra Times as saying: “We can't say today that in 10 or 15 or 20 years' time, that people aren't going to be concerned about the noise.”

The decision to go ahead with Tralee is also in direct conflict with advice from the independent NSW Planning Assessment Commission. I want to see more development in Queanbeyan, which will be good for Canberra and everyone living just over the border, but every report says that residential housing shouldn’t be built in Tralee.

The TCC has a good suggestion for Tralee – develop it for industrial and commercial purposes instead of housing so that in the future, there’s no possibility of the Tuggeranong Valley being under a busy flight path.

This is why I am speaking out against the Tralee development.  


Canberra Chronicle, November 2012