Standing up for Canberra

Why the wait on the PFAS Report?

Labor calls on the Turnbull Government to release the PFAS report now.

A letter from the Defence Minister dated 5 November says that a report summarising the outcome of Defence’s preliminary testing for PFAS contaminants at 12 Defence sites across Australia, including RAAF Base Richmond, is scheduled for public release this week.

The preliminary sampling program tested ground water and surface water for PFAS contaminants and was undertaken between April and July this year.

Yet it has taken the Defence Minister four months to decide to release the report this week.

A pre-release of the report was provided to “relevant state and territory governments and local councils” yet affected communities have been left in the dark.

Communities have suffered stress and uncertainty over the Turnbull Government’s slow and uncoordinated response to PFAS.

It would appear the Turnbull Government has learned nothing from its mismanagement of communication and consultation in Williamtown and Oakey.

It fails to understand communities affected by PFAS contamination want clarification about their situation and certainty about their future – now.

They want open and transparent communication – now.

And they want to be consulted – now.

Why the wait?