Standing up for Canberra

Where's the promised "solution"?

It shouldn’t take the fear of a Senate inquiry for the Turnbull Government to announce a research program to tackle PFAS.

Almost two years have passed since the first Labor-initiated inquiry into PFAS by the Senate Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade References Committee heard about the impact of PFAS contamination on the Williamtown and Oakey communities. 

In those two years, the Turnbull Government has done nothing to develop a whole of government response and failed to release its promised “solution” announced in May.

The invisibility of the PFAS Taskforce from any form of policy discussion leads many to wonder whether it actually exists.

This week’s research announcement, for grants that won’t get underway until at least June next year, adds a sixth Turnbull Government minister to its PFAS line up.

Does this announcement confirm there is no promised “solution” on the Assistant Minister to the Prime Minister’s desk?

Is this announcement a distraction from this divided and dysfunctional Turnbull Government’s failure to manage a national response to PFAS contamination?

Labor has led the way in developing a response to PFAS contamination and will continue to do so while standing shoulder to shoulder with PFAS affected communities.