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What's Happening with the Drone Delivery Trial?

As you know, I'm concerned about the drone delivery trial in Bonython - which is delivering burritos, coffee, croissants and Hydralyte as early as 8 am on a Sunday morning.

Drones are regulated in Australia, but the trial was exempted from numerous regulations by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority.

I'm asking the Minister for Infrastructure and Transport: why was the trial granted an exemption? Who granted the exemption? Did you grant an exemption? On what grounds and for how long was the exemption granted?

When asked about a month ago, Wing advised that there was no end date to the trial. Yet recently I understand that Wing that advised an end date of February 2019.

I'm asking Wing: is that the case? Is it actually ending the trial in February 2019, and what sort of trial has no end date?

I also want to know whether an independent review will be conducted once the trial is over, if in fact it does end in February 2019.

Who will conduct the review? When will the review report? Will the community be consulted on the review? How long will the consultation last? Will the report be publicly released? Will the trial stop while the review is taking place?

Rumour has it that the drones will be moving to Mitchell permanently.

So, once again, I am asking Wing: is this true? Is this for a rollout across the ACT?

Will this happen before or after an independent review?