Standing up for Canberra

What is the Government doing on cyber security?

Following the utter chaos of the Census, Labor is calling on the Turnbull Government to reassure Australians of its commitment to cyber security. 

In April this year, the Turnbull Government released Australia's Cyber Security Strategy, claiming it had "a duty to protect our nation from cyber attack and to ensure that we can defend our interests in cyberspace".

However, it would appear that the Turnbull Government has sat on its hands in implementing the commitments and "priority actions" outlined in the strategy, and has questions to answer.

How has the centralisation of cyber security policy and priorities in the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet assisted in responding to an incident of the nature of the Census attacks?

Will the Turnbull Government's sponsored research also gain a better understanding of the cost of malicious cyber activity on the integrity of our government agencies, such as the Australian Bureau of Statistics and the Bureau of Meteorology?

Has the Turnbull Government developed a communication strategy for cyber attacks on government agencies?

When will the Australian Cyber Security Centre be relocated?

How is the streamlining of cyber security governance and structures and the coordination of cyber security capabilities in the Australian Cyber Security Centre progressing?

When will the Turnbull Government appoint a Cyber Ambassador to lead Australia’s efforts in advocating “for an open, free and secure Internet based on our values of free speech, privacy and the rule of law"?

When will the Turnbull Government develop its international cyber engagement strategy?

The Turnbull Government's lack of action on its own cyber strategy has compromised the trust of Australians in the Census.

The Turnbull Government is all talk, no "priority actions" when it comes to our nation's cyber security - and its inaction is eroding public confidence.