Standing up for Canberra

We want our NBN

Under Labor, Canberrans, in fact all Australians, could go to the NBN’s website, look up their address and find out when the NBN roll-out would begin in their suburb.

And for many Canberra suburbs that was supposed to have already happened.

Under Labor’s roll-out plan, fibre to the premises was to have rolled out over 2014, 15 and 16.

But now, under the Abbott Government, we have radio silence.

Immediately after the election Canberra was taken off the rollout map – and we are still not on it.

If you go to the NBN roll out map now, other than two new suburbs, there is no rollout scheduled for any Canberra suburb.

This means we are missing out on the many opportunities provided by the NBN, like being able to work and study from home and use tele-health services.

It also means we have a digital divide in Canberra.

Before the election Tony Abbott said:

“Under the Coalition, by 2016… there will be minimum download speeds of 25 megabits… We will deliver a minimum of 25 megabits… by the end of our first term.”

Tony Abbott, Coalition Policy Launch, 9 April 2013

But like so many of the Prime Minister’s pre-election promises, this one was all too easily broken.

Under Labor, all of Canberra was scheduled to get the world class fibre-to-the-premises NBN, delivering super-fast internet speeds using fibre-optic cable.

Now Canberrans don’t know what type of NBN they will get, or when they will get it – and Canberrans aren’t happy about it.