Standing up for Canberra

Two years on and uncertainty still plagues Defence

Before the 2013 election, the Shadow Defence Minister David Johnston promised to build Australia’s new submarine fleet in Adelaide.

Two years on and the Abbott Government still won’t commit to building our Future Submarines in Australia.

In the meantime, more than 1000 jobs have been lost from Australia's strategically vital shipbuilding industry – and thousands more jobs are at risk.

Before he was dropped as Defence Minister, David Johnston said that he wouldn’t trust ASC to “build a canoe.”

Shipbuilding is not the only aspect of Defence that has suffered under the Abbott Government.

Australia’s hardworking and dedicated Defence personnel have also been unfairly targeted.

Over the past two years we have seen attacks on Australian Defence Force and civilian pay and conditions, more than 2000 jobs cut from the Defence Department and a reduction in Paid Parental Leave that will see female Defence personnel lose 18 weeks of paid leave with their newborn baby.

Defence families were also placed under unnecessary stress for more than a year following the on-again, off-again sale of Defence Housing Australia.

After two years of mismanagement and broken promises, Australia’s Defence personnel, Defence industry and the community at large are right to worry about whether they can trust the Abbott Government.

Only Labor can be trusted to ensure Australia’s strategically vital naval shipbuilding capability has a viable, long-term future.

Only Labor can be trusted to ensure that Defence personnel receive the support, pay and conditions they deserve.

After two years of Tony, Australia’s Defence capability and Australia’s dedicated Defence personnel are paying the price for this government’s chaos and lies.