Turnbull shows true colours on public service bargaining

Labor is concerned by reports that Department of Defence workers were misled ahead of a crucial vote on the latest Defence Enterprise Collective Agreement.

Defence staff deserve to know which of their workplace rights and conditions are being stripped away under the Abbott-Turnbull Government’s extreme workplace bargaining policy.

The Department of Defence is home to some of the most highly skilled, highly qualified public servants in the country, many of whom are former ADF members.

They deserve answers from this Government.

The 2016 Defence White Paper recognises how important it is “to ensure that the employment offers to Defence staff remain competitive to attract and retain the right number of people with the skills Defence requires.”

Labor hoped that this was an indication the Abbott-Turnbull Government recognised the importance of treating its workforce fairly.

And yet Malcolm Turnbull and his Ministers twiddle their thumbs.

Labor values the expertise and experience of our public servants, both in the Department of Defence and across the APS.

We recognise that a strong and efficient public service is a necessity, not an accessory.

A Shorten Labor Government will remove the Abbott-Turnbull Government requirement that forces agencies to strip away workplace rights.

Unlike the Abbott-Turnbull Government, Labor will negotiate for a fair outcome on pay and conditions.

If Malcolm Turnbull was genuinely committed to attracting and maintaining high quality APS officers, he would intervene in this farcical DECA negotiation.


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