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Turnbull and Payne must end bring stability to Defence

Federal Labor congratulates Senator Marise Payne on her appointment as Australia's first female Defence Minister.

Ms Payne will be the Coalition's third Defence Minister in just two years.

Ms Payne inherits a portfolio riven by chaos and uncertainty after two years of politically-motivated decision-making and a revolving door of Ministers.

“Mr Turnbull's decision now means there have been more Defence Ministers in Australia than Prime Ministers in the last three years”

Kevin Andrews – Press Conference – 20 September 2015

There is no higher priority for a government than the safety and security of Australia and its people. Defence requires long term planning and stability.

Yet the Coalition Government has delivered nothing but a succession of Defence Ministers and politically-motivated decisions.

“Defence is meant to be a natural strength for the Coalition, but during this Government it's not always been the case”

Kevin Andrews – Press Conference – 20 September 2015

Malcolm Turnbull and Marise Payne must now prove that they are not just a new face on the same chaos and dysfunction.

They must stop the disastrous culture of ‘Captain’s Picks’ in Defence.

As a first step, Mr Turnbull and Ms Payne must commit to ending the political meddling in the Defence White Paper.

The Defence White Paper, which has suffered endless delays due to political interference, is the most important document that Defence will produce during the term of this Government.

Mr Turnbull and Ms Payne must also commit to doing away with Tony Abbott’s disastrous handling of Australia’s Future Submarines Program.

The Turnbull Liberal Government must join with Labor and direct that the only option that will be considered for our Future Submarines is a local Australian build.

More 1,000 shipbuilding jobs have been lost on this Government’s watch – with thousands more at risk.

This is an opportunity for Mr Turnbull and Ms Payne to stop the uncertainty and chaos the Coalition has wreaked on Australia’s Defence Force and defence industry.

Anything less will prove that Mr Turnbull and Ms Payne are just new salespeople for the same chaos and dysfunction.