Turnbull Government's Wedge on the Public Service Widens

Today’s news on the Turnbull Government’s decentralisation program goes to show that the blatant and shameless pork barrel that is the APVMA relocation is just the thin edge of the wedge.

It is either the beginning of one of the saddest chapters in Australian government history or it’s a pathetic attempt to cloak the disaster of the proposed relocation of the APVMA in a decentralisation policy.

How long has the Turnbull Government been hatching this plan?

And what is Zed Seselja doing to protect Canberra against this latest move in what has been a sustained attack on our nation’s capital by successive Liberal Governments?

Six out of ten federal public servants already work outside Canberra. From June 2013 to December 2016, the Liberals have cut nearly 13,000 public service jobs. This means about one in 13 public servants have lost their jobs.

This latest attack just shows the Turnbull Government’s complete contempt and disdain for the nation’s capital.

We saw it in 1996 under the Howard Government, when 15,000 public service jobs were axed, sending Canberra into an economic slump for five years.

Sir Robert Menzies would be turning in his grave. The Turnbull Government is doing its level best to destroy the legacy of the founder of the modern Liberal Party.

And how much will this cost? And at what cost?

This plan will decimate Canberra.


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