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Turnbull Government must accelerate foam test timeline

The Turnbull Government must stop sitting on its hands and ignoring the communities living with anxiety and uncertainty following this week’s report into legacy firefighting foam contamination in 12 Defence sites around Australia.

Defence has advised that further testing is necessary but does not have sufficient resources to begin until some point in 2017.

The Turnbull Government needs to recognise the uncertainty faced by affected communities and provide additional resources to Defence for investigations to commence – now.

The Turnbull Government must accelerate this process and put to rest the concerns of communities who are living with fear and anxiety following the results of this report.

Under the current timeline, Defence will not begin further environmental testing of the 12 affected Defence sites until early 2017.

What part of early 2017 is unknown. 

This isn’t good enough.

In some cases, this is more than six months after the sample was conducted in their communities. 

Extensive testing takes time, but the sooner the process begins, the sooner communities can get answers.

Testing should start now so that families and businesses in these communities can know just how they will be affected. Instead, the Turnbull Government is silent and that silence is creating anxiety, fear and uncertainty right around the country.

Defence is working tirelessly in a cloud of uncertainty that’s been created by the Turnbull Government’s failure to coordinate a national response to what is an emerging national issue.

The Turnbull Government followed Labor’s lead and committed to Community Liaison Officers as an election commitment. Where are they?

We want the Community Liaison Officers on the ground – now.

Our Defence communities deserve better.