Tony Abbott must answer questions on public service changes

Federal Member for Canberra, Gai Brodtmann MP, has today said that Tony Abbott must answer questions about the significant changes announced to the Australian Public Service.

“Yesterday, the Abbott Government announced a significant shake up to the public service, including substantial changes to the aid, regional Australia, science and resource portfolios,” Ms Brodtmann said.

“But what do these changes mean for the employees of these Departments?”

Ms Brodtmann said that the physical location of re-structured departments also remains unknown.

“Canberra is built on a satellite city concept, and public service jobs are the backbone of the economy in many parts of Canberra. If departments are to be moved, there will be a significant and detrimental knock on effect for Canberra businesses.”

The questions Ms Brodtmann says must be answered are:

  1. Will all existing employees in re-structured departments be absorbed? 
  2. If they aren’t absorbed, are they part of the plan to get rid of 12,000 – 20,000 public servants, or are they additional cuts?
  3. Will re-structured departments move location?
  4. If so, which departments and from where, to where?
  5. How many public servants in the electorate of Canberra will lose their job by Christmas?

“We already know that the Government wants to cut at least 12,000-20,000 public service jobs, and move more out of Canberra. Yesterday’s announcement only reiterates Prime Minister Abbott’s disdain for Canberra and contempt for the public service.

“If Prime Minister Abbott is determined to hurt Canberra, the least he could do is be up front about it.”

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