Standing up for Canberra

Time running out for Prime Minister to reconsider unfair ADF pay deal

Time is running out for the Prime Minister to back down on his unfair cuts to real pay and conditions for Australian Defence Force personnel.

The Abbott Government has until 1 December to act and ask the Defence Force Remuneration Tribunal to reconsider the Prime Minister’s unfair offer.

Given the outrage in ADF ranks and among their families and the wider community there are sufficient grounds to seek a reconsideration from the tribunal.

The Defence community is looking to the Prime Minister to show leadership on this issue – and he now only has four days to do so.

The Prime Minister should take some time over the weekend to consider whether our service men and women deserve a cut to their real pay and conditions, including cuts to their Christmas and Recreation leave.

It is also time for the Prime Minister to stop using the ADF to implement his political agenda to cut the pay and conditions of all Commonwealth public servants.

In Parliament yesterday, the Prime Minister said:

“I can assure members opposite that no-one in the public sector will get a better deal than our defence force personnel.” (Tony Abbott, Question Time, 27 November 2014)

This is shameful.

Our service men and women shouldn’t have to fight the Abbott Government for decent pay and conditions.