Standing up for Canberra

Time for Humphries and Seselja to stand up for Canberra

Today Tony Abbott has let the cat out of the bag on his plan to force people to move to the most remote parts of the country to find work.

In recent days, Gary Humphries and Zed Seselja have been scrambling over each other to prove who will be the best ‘champion’ for Canberra residents under an Abbott-led government.
Well, this is their first test.
The test for Senator Humphries and Mr Seselja is simple: will they rule out supporting Tony Abbott's plan for compulsory relocations of Canberra public servants to northern Australia?
Canberra residents are used to Senator Gary Humphries going missing when Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey boast of sacking 20,000 public servants. 
Now it’s been revealed that not only will Tony Abbott slash jobs in Canberra, for those not getting the sack, they face the prospect of compulsory relocation to Northern Australia.
It's time for Senator Humphries to get off the sidelines and start standing up for Canberra. 
And if Mr Seselja is serious about replacing Senator Humphries, he must tell us where he stands on Tony Abbott's plan to slash jobs in Canberra and make workers move.