Therapy Needed for Government's Cyber Insecurity

Labor welcomes today’s news the Minister Assisting the Prime Minister for Cyber Security has called in Facebook to brief MPs and Senators on cyber safety in light of the recent scams on their pages.

But a PowerPoint presentation from managers of a social media site isn't enough.

MPs and Senators need clear guidelines from government security agencies on cyber security, including the appropriate use of communication apps such as WhatsApp.

Freedom of Information requests reveal that, despite concerns about communication apps, the Turnbull Government still hasn't sought advice from the Prime Minister's Cyber Security Special Adviser on their appropriate use.

The Prime Minister has said all Australians need to take cyber security seriously, but is ignoring his own advice.

And so are his government agencies.

An Australian National Audit Office report tabled in Parliament last week showed two of the three government agencies covered in a cyber security audit had “insufficient protections against cyber attacks from external sources.” 

And only one of the three agencies had complied with the mandated Top Four Mitigation Strategies and was found to be “cyber resilient” – even though all three agencies assured the Joint Committee of Public Accounts and Audit that they would achieve compliance during 2016 after the first damning audit in 2014.

The latest scathing audit results begs the question, did Ministers follow last year’s instruction from the Minister Assisting the Prime Minister for Cyber Security to issue a stern letter to their department and agency heads to take cyber security “very seriously”?

If so, why didn’t they take any notice and what are the Ministers going to do about it?

If not, why not?

Sunday, 26 March 2017

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