Standing up for Canberra

The NBN still not prioritised for Canberra

Feedback from my community is still rolling in about the dismal NBN rollout and Canberra, keep it coming.

I was recently contacted by Ahmad who lives in Calwell – a suburb 14 kilometres from where I’m standing.

Now his suburb is set to receive fibre to the node technology – that is except for a small pocket of homes getting the more reliable fibre-to-the-curb.

Ahmad said:

“This is totally unfair. We are being treated differently in the same area”.

 Now, I contacted NBN Co to ask why and they told me it was because it was “cost effective”.

So I went back to them again and asked why – why do these houses get a better connection than those down the street? Why do some houses get one connection and some down the street get a different one?

Before they were able to answer, the NBN rollout map was updated.

And get this – the homes set to receive fibre-to-the-curb technology have now been downgraded to them fibre to the node.

Once again I went back to NBN Co to ask them – why?

Why has the technology changed?

Once again, I’m yet to get an answer.

When I met with NBN Co last month, I was told – guaranteed – all of Canberra would be on the rollout map by Thursday 4 October.

Then they told me it would be 18 October.

It’s now 22 October and parts of Canberra with some of the worst internet speeds in the country are still not on the map.

It’s time to prioritise the NBN rollout in Canberra.