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The Chronicle: Women's Health Week

As an Endometriosis Ambassador, I’m delighted Women’s Health Week in September is shining a light on an insidious disease that affects one in ten women in Australia.

Endometriosis is where tissue similar to the lining of the womb grows outside the womb in other parts of the body. Symptoms vary, which is why the disease is shrouded in misinformation, myths, misdiagnosis, delayed diagnosis often up to a decade, taboos and problematic hit-and-miss treatments overlaid by chronic, excruciating pain.

Unfortunately, there is no cure and very little awareness about the disease among the general and medical communities.

So, this Women’s Health Week please take the time to end the silence on endo. Seek out one of the more than 700,000 Australian women who suffer from this disease and get them to share their story.

You will be horrified at the toll it has taken on their bodies, their finances, their personal and professional lives and their mental health.