Standing up for Canberra

The chaos and dysfunction continues

At the end of last year the Prime Minister said he was putting a ‘ragged’ 2014 behind him, with the focus this year to be on families, jobs and infrastructure.

Well the focus could not have been further away from families, jobs or infrastructure this week.

The chaos and dysfunction of the Abbott Government continues.

That was evident on Monday when almost 40 percent of the Prime Minister’s colleagues voted to spill his position.
But it’s not just those 40 percent who are sick and tired of this Prime Minister.

Australians are sick and tired of this government’s unfair policies and broken promises.

They’re sick and tired of its attacks on universal healthcare.
Its attacks on access to university for anyone no matter where they live or how much their parents earn.

Its attacks on pensions and its attacks on ADF pay and public service jobs.

These unfair policies cut into our social fabric – and Australians aren’t happy.

So as we start the parliamentary year for 2015 I pledge that I’ll continue to fight the good fight.

The people of Canberra can count on me to continue to fight for access to education, universal healthcare, a strong public service and fair pay for our defence personnel.