Standing up for Canberra

Tara Costigan Foundation

Earlier this year, Canberrans were shocked to the core at the death of Tara Costigan through what is suggested was family violence. In response to that, the outpouring of grief and shock but also of support to the family that she left behind—a one-week-old baby girl, as well her other young children—from Canberrans was extraordinary.

Thousands and thousands of dollars were donated to look after the children, and thousands and thousands of Canberrans took part in a walk around the lake to show support for the family but, most importantly, to basically say that Canberrans had zero tolerance for family violence.

As part of those community efforts, and out of outrage that this could happen in our community, the uncle of Tara Costigan, Michael Costigan, established the Tara Costigan Foundation, and I caught up with him over the break to get an update on where it was at. Again, it has had extraordinary support. The beauty of this foundation is that it is going to fund Tara's Angels, who will provide support for those who have been the victims of family violence. It is designed to empower them to overcome the trauma of that family violence so that they can go on and contribute to our community in a meaningful and constructive way.

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