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90 Second Statement: Elliot's NBN Saga Part 2

Elliot’s NBN Saga - Part 2.

Elliot tried to get an NBN connection; he’s been trying since September last year.

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90 Second Statement: Elliot's NBN Saga Part 1

Elliot’s NBN Saga – Part One.

On 10 September 2018 Elliot placed an order with an ISP to get his apartment connected to the NBN.

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90 Second Statement: Local Charity Having Trouble Connecting to the Internet

A local charity in Canberra contacted me recently about their experience trying to connect their premises to VDSL2.

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Grievance Debate: NBN

I welcome the opportunity to contribute to this grievance debate tonight. I welcome the opportunity because I'll be talking about an issue with which I've had a grievance for a very, very long time, Deputy Speaker Hogan, and you would know this from hearing me speak in this Chamber. So it is no surprise that, tonight, I'm going to be talking about the NBN.

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The NBN still not prioritised for Canberra

Feedback from my community is still rolling in about the dismal NBN rollout and Canberra, keep it coming.

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Prioritise the NBN in Canberra

I was recently contacted by Elliot, a member of my community who works in the IT industry, about the NBN in his apartment block.

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Another NBN Tale of Woe in Canberra

Another day, another NBN tale of woe in Canberra. First, we weren't even on the NBN rollout map.

We were just one big blank space. Second, when we finally did get on the map, we kept getting moved further to the right in terms of the actual rollout.

Those lucky enough to get the rollout have had all sorts of headaches, such as technicians who are meant to turn up never turning up.

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NBN: Understanding the Switchover

I met with NBN Co last week and in that meeting we talked about the experiences many Canberrans have had with their new NBN connections—the unexpected dropouts and the need to replace equipment, like fax machines.

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21st Century Technology and Ancient Copper Wiring Do Not Mix

I am here tonight to talk about NBN and the lack thereof, or the lack thereof of service. I got a letter last week from Rudi in Pearce, and I am quoting:

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Dale's NBN Experience

A member of my community who lives less than 20 kilometres from where I am standing here right now contacted me about the diabolical speeds he currently receives on ADSL2+. We're not even talking about the NBN here; we're talking about the retrograde copper based service currently existing in my community. 

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