Standing up for Canberra



Put the Australian Space Agency in Canberra

This is a fabulous opportunity to spruik Canberra’s expertise in space and why we should continue to be the home of the Australian Space Agency.

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Canberra Condemns Senator Anning's Comments

Canberra is a culturally diverse community.

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Submission on Electoral Matters

With the Federal election looming against the backdrop of cyber hacks on the electoral systems of the United States and France, and the DDoS attacks on the 2016 Census, I welcome this timely and important inquiry. 

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Decision Not To Run For the Seat of Bean

I have advised Bill Shorten I will not be nominating for preselection for the seat of Bean.

My decision has been made for entirely personal reasons.

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Transcript: Gai to Zed with Tim Shaw

SUBJECT/S:National Energy Guarantee, Exploitation of foreign workers, ACT Labor pre-selection candidates, National Action Plan for Endometriosis, Winter comfort food.  

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Hong Kong Business Chamber: Small Business

Anyone who owns a small business knows the story. 

Twelve-plus hour days, often seven days a week to make your dream a reality. 

The continuous burden of your financial future resting in the hands of the strength of your great idea. 

Mortgaging your house to give it your all. Re-mortgaging it when it doesn’t go to plan.

Welcome to the world of starting and running a small business. 

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Transcript: Mornings with Lish Fejer

SUBJECTS: New electorate of Bean, new name and new boundaries, nomination for pre-selection, Norfolk Island

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ACT Federal Redistribution

As a long term advocate for a third seat, I welcome today’s final decision by the Australian Electoral Commission on the three electorates in the ACT.

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Government Entity Cyber Security is not an Optional Extra

The latest Australian National Audit Office report on the cyber resilience of government entities is a damning indictment of the Turnbull Government’s management of our nation’s cyber security in an environment where cyber attacks are becoming increasingly prevalent, sophisticated and malicious.

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Regions at the Ready Report: APVMA Relocation

Today Canberrans are vindicated. They are vindicated by the Select Committee on Regional Development and Decentralisation’s report, once again, once again, once again showing the relocation of the APVMA to Armidale for what it is: a blatant, shameless pork-barrel.

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