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My Questions about the Drone Delivery Trial

Last week I met with Project Wing to discuss the drone trial currently rolling out in Bonython, in my electorate, and I had a long list of questions. Many residents of Bonython were completely unaware that this trial was going to take place, despite the fact that Project Wing told me the community was notified by a letterbox drop and through community events.

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Follow up: Drone Trial in Bonython

I understand the need for drones in crisis situations.

I understand the need for drones in emergency situations.

But like many Canberrans, I fail to understand the need for drones to deliver burritos!

Since speaking about the Project Wing drone delivery trial yesterday, I’ve heard from many more Canberrans who are concerned about this project.

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Fair Fares for Canberra!

The distance between Canberra is Sydney is 286 kilometres.

The distance between Canberra and Melbourne is almost three times that at 662 kilometres.

So it’s understandable to ask why on earth the price of a flight between Sydney and Canberra is up to 4 times higher than that between Sydney and Melbourne.

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Another NBN Tale of Woe in Canberra

Another day, another NBN tale of woe in Canberra. First, we weren't even on the NBN rollout map.

We were just one big blank space. Second, when we finally did get on the map, we kept getting moved further to the right in terms of the actual rollout.

Those lucky enough to get the rollout have had all sorts of headaches, such as technicians who are meant to turn up never turning up.

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Drone Delivery Trial in Bonython

For the past month I have been inundated with concerns from people living in the suburb of Bonython, which is in my electorate, about a drone delivery service trial called Project Wing.

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Modern Slavery Bill

Slavery isn't something most Australians associate with the 21st century. They have those images from what they've read and from what they've heard. There are really powerful songs that we're all familiar with, and there is what we've seen on television or at the movies. It is something very much associated with the past, with hundreds of years ago.

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Canberrans Help Share the Dignity

Share the Dignity is an Australian charity that helps women experiencing domestic violence, women experiencing homelessness and women going through tough times. It helps in the form of personal items.

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Private Members Bill: Territory Rights

I want to take this opportunity to thank my two Territorian friends - the Member for Fenner, who's on the other side of the lake from my electorate, and the Member for Solomon - for bringing forward this private member's bill on territory rights, a topic that I can't believe that we're still debating in 2018.

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Family Law Amendment: The Cross Examination of Parties

I rise to speak on the Family Law Amendment (Family Violence and Cross-examination of Parties) Bill 2018.

The ongoing cross-examination of domestic abuse survivors by their perpetrators is a shameful practice and it has gone on for far too long.

It has forced victims to settle with underwhelming outcomes in order to avoid being questioned by their perpetrator.

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Defence Industry and Small Business

If any of those opposite bothered to actually speak to a microbusiness, speak to a small business or speak to a medium-sized business trying to contract with Defence, they would quit with the high-fiving that we have seen in this motion.

I used to be a microbusiness, contracting to Defence and to government agencies. I did it for 10 years before I entered politics. I know the challenges of getting on a panel. 

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