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Superannuation is a Guarantee, not an Optional Extra

Up until the mid-1980s less than 40 per cent of the working population had superannuation. That figure was even less for blue-collar workers and women; for them it was only around 25 per cent. This all changed in 1991 when Labor under Paul Keating, our great former Prime Minister and Treasurer, introduced the superannuation guarantee, a compulsory system of superannuation for Australian employees.

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Canberra and the Stars

Last month, I took part in the Australian National University's Guinness world record attempt for the greatest number of telescopes pointed at once at the night sky. More than 285 stargazing parties were registered across Australia, with thousands of telescopes delivered across the country. We're not talking about cardboard telescopes; we're talking about good-quality, entry-level telescopes that you'd probably get from Australian Geographic shops to help Australians develop an interest in—perhaps even a love for—astronomy.

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Threats to Critical Infrastructure

The Australian Cyber Security Centre 2017 threat report noted that CERT Australia responded to 734 incidents affecting private-sector systems of national critical infrastructure within the 2016-17 financial year. This equates to a significant cyber incident occurring on these networks more than twice a day. In October 2017, the US-CERT released a report that stated:

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Endometriosis Finally in National Spotlight

I want to thank the member for Forrest for this motion and for her years and years of fighting to have endometriosis recognised by the leaders of our nation. And I want to thank her daughter, Kylie, for her courage. I want to thank the member for Boothby for reaching across the aisle to join with the member for Forrest and me in establishing the Parliamentary Friends of Endometriosis Awareness, which we launched last December.

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21st Century Technology and Ancient Copper Wiring Do Not Mix

I am here tonight to talk about NBN and the lack thereof, or the lack thereof of service. I got a letter last week from Rudi in Pearce, and I am quoting:

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Reports Reiterates Need for a Naitonal Approach to PFAS Contamination


Labor once again calls on the Turnbull Government to implement a national, coordinated, consistent response to PFAS contamination in light of the weekend’s reports

Right now, communities are uncertain about their futures, confused by mixed messages from multiple sources and deeply distressed.  

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Mornings with Adam Shirley on ABC Canberra

Norfolk Island, NDIS/NDIA, Victorian Labor Conference, National Policy Committee, One Nation, NBN

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TNA Reconciliation Day

I would like to acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land we are meeting on, the Ngunnawal people. I wish to acknowledge and pay my respects to elders past and present, and the contribution they make to the life of this city and this region.

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2018 Boer War Day Commemoration

Thank you for your kind invitation to join you at this very special event. I commend the National Boer War Memorial Association for continuing to commemorate the anniversary of the Boer War.

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Inquiry Into Government's Mishandling of PFAS

The Turnbull Government’s disgraceful response to PFAS contamination issues will finally be investigated, with today’s establishment of a Joint Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade inquiry.

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