Standing up for Canberra

Stop the Attack on Canberra

Canberra was kicked in the guts by the Turnbull Government in last year’s Budget.

We received a paltry and insulting 0.004 percent of the infrastructure spend – a mere $3 million from $75 billion.

And to add insult to injury we were presented with nothing but cuts.

A budget for our nation’s capital with nothing but cuts.

Cuts to the public service – in the thousands.

Cuts to our national institutions. 

Cuts to our schools – in the millions.

Cuts to our hospital.

Cuts to our universities.

Cuts of more than 2,150 jobs, deputy speaker, from the public service.

Cuts to 14 percent of staff at the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Cuts to 20 percent of staff at the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies.

These cuts are not just numbers. They are cuts to my community.

To the people of my community.

People with mortgages.

People with rent.

People with car loans.

People with medical expenses.

People with families and

People with bills to pay.

These are people who are used to bracing themselves whenever a Coalition government releases a budget.

We saw it in 1990s under the Howard Government.

Once again, we’re bracing ourselves for tonight’s budget.

And once again I’m begging the Turnbull Government, please no more cuts to Canberra.

Please end the sustained attack on our nation’s capital.