Standing up for Canberra

Skilled workers strike on key Defence projects

Our Future Submarines, Future Frigates and Offshore Patrol Vessels projects have reportedly been put on hold this week as the Government continues to work our skilled technicians to the bone.

Naval engineers, architects and skilled technicians have been deprived of the resources and assistance they need to ensure these projects are receiving the best possible technical expertise.

This skills’ shortfall has been brought to the Government’s attention time and time again. 

The size of our skilled workforce is shrinking just as the size and scale of their responsibility is expanding.

The current staffing arrangements are no longer sustainable and, unless steps are taken to address it, the expertise needed appears to fall well short of what can be expected to support our current and future naval projects.

With the weight of national security projects on their shoulders, these highly skilled workers deserve better from this Government.

The Turnbull Government is yet to respond to the Inquiry on the capability of Defence's physical science and engineering (PSE) workforce, which was handed down nearly six months ago.

The Government is sitting on its hands as a skills’ shortage develops around it.

It is clearer than ever the Turnbull Government has no plan to deal with the skills crisis Defence and industry is facing.