Standing up for Canberra

Send Me Your Speeds Roll Call

I want to thank all the Canberrans who have taken part in my Send Me Your Speeds Campaign.

Our combined efforts mean that we are finally, finally on the rollout map. But we need to maintain the pressure to get the rollout prioritised, particularly in those suburbs with appalling speeds. We need to ensure we avoid a patchwork of technologies—some slated for the same street.


So, Canberra, keep sending me your speeds because, as this rollcall will show, we have some of the worst internet speeds in the country, if not the world—and this in the nation's capital, this in 2017.

From Balaji in Yarralumla, download speeds 3.62 megabits per second, upload 0.31; Matthew in Bonython, download 2.57, upload 0.62; Steve in Isaacs, download 0.78—0.78 for poor old Steve; Terry in Bonython, download 0.71, upload 0.17; Romeo in Banks, download 1.33, upload 0.48; Noel in Theodore, download 0.52, upload 0.46.

Canberra, keep sending me your speeds—send a message to the Turnbull government that this is unacceptable in the nation's capital in 2017. Let's call on the Turnbull government to end the digital divide in Canberra.

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