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Send Me Your Speeds

Canberra is on the NBN rollout map but the hard work isn’t over

Finally, after my Send Me Your Speeds campaign, two petitions, numerous letters to the Minister and countless speeches in Parliament, Canberra is on the NBN rollout map.

Thanks Canberra for signing up to the campaign and sending the Turnbull Government a message that Canberra has some of the lowest upload and download speeds in the country.

But that doesn’t mean the hard work is done. Far from it.

I will continue to campaign for the rollout to be prioritised.

I’m concerned about the patchwork of technology rolling out across Canberra. Some suburbs – even some streets – are being digitally divided with a mix of fibre to the premises, fibre to the node and fibre to the curb.

And why are some suburbs getting delivery the first half of next year, the bulk in the second half of 2018, and some in 2019? In the meantime, small business people work from cafes and students can’t do their homework from home.

We’ve come a long way together and we’ll need to push through to the end – where Canberra has high quality, fast internet throughout all of its suburbs, sooner rather than later.

I encourage you to continue sending me your speeds, so we can keep sending the Turnbull Government the message that Canberra needs NBN yesterday.


  1. Jump online to one of the many internet speed test websites (a number of constituents have told me they’ve had the best luck with

  2. Take a screenshot of the results. (Windows has a built-in program called ‘Snipping tool’ which could help)

  3. Email me the screenshot, along with any other information you’d like to include, at