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Seaward Village backdown welcomed by Labor

Labor welcomes news that the Turnbull Government has dropped its plans to sell off and bulldoze the homes of Defence families at Swanbourne’s Seaward Village.

Labor is proud to have fought a successful campaign on behalf of the Defence families of Swanbourne to force the Government to back down on its ill-conceived redevelopment proposal.

Defence families opposed it. Local residents opposed it. The Labor Party opposed it. The Premier of Western Australia opposed it. The only group who did not oppose this plan was the Turnbull Government.

It is remarkable that the Turnbull Government has taken this long to shelve its plans for redeveloping Seaward Village.
The Turnbull Government has created more than a year of unnecessary stress and anxiety for Seaward Village’s Defence families.

The initial redevelopment proposal for Seaward Village raised serious concerns with ADF families living in the village and with the surrounding community.

Labor has advocated strongly on behalf of ADF personnel living in the village and concerned residents of neighbouring suburbs.