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Rushed PFAS consultation an insult to communities


The Turnbull Government has delivered another blow to residents dealing with PFAS contamination, after the belated establishment of a health panel, giving residents just 19 days to make a submission during the consultation process.

This is another insult to the communities grappling with the uncertainty of PFAS contamination.

The Turnbull Government adopted Labor’s election policy to manage PFAS contamination in 2016, yet it has taken 18 months to establish an Expert Health Panel to provide advice on potential health impacts associated with PFAS. 

Despite dragging its feet on the issue, the Turnbull Government expects the public to get their head around the submissions process and give their views in just 19 days.

This is completely disrespectful and shows just how little the Turnbull Government cares about listening to the affected communities.

While Labor welcomes further research into the health effects of PFAS contamination, why has it taken so long for the panel to be established? 

And why such a short submission period?

Funding for the National Health Research Program was made available in the Federal Budget in May. 

The same time the Turnbull Government announced it was working on a 'solution' for PFAS contamination. 

Each week its clearer it doesn’t have one. Our communities deserve better than this out of touch Government.