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Review of Seaward Village redevelopment welcomed

Federal Labor welcomes the Turnbull Government’s belated decision to reconsider the redevelopment of Seaward Village at Swanbourne in Western Australia.

The review, to be conducted by Lieutenant General Mark Evans, comes after months of criticism by concerned residents, including SAS families, the wider Defence community and Labor.

Labor has consistently called on the Government to give a clear explanation of its plans for Seaward Village.

While the terms of reference for the review are yet to be announced, Labor calls on the Government to ensure there is adequate consultation with ADF personnel, family members, state and local government and other stakeholders.

The redevelopment proposal has raised serious concerns that the Turnbull Government is yet to address adequately. This includes plans to sell off part of the land at the village for private non-Defence housing and security implications for ADF and SAS families living there.

The Government must also address concerns about reduced plot sizes and unnecessary disruption of family life in the village.

Labor will continue to monitor the situation and advocate on behalf of concerned residents.