Standing up for Canberra

Returned and Services League

Last week, I had the great pleasure once again to attend the ACT RSL's annual congress and AGM. I have been going to these meetings since 2011 and it is always a great pleasure to catch up with the vets and those who serve our vets in our community. 

It was also wonderful to be joined by the shadow minister for veterans affairs, who made a wonderful speech. It was great to see her there on the day. There was also a very powerful speech by retired wing commander Sharon Bown. Many awards were presented to veterans and those who have served the community.

I want to go through a few of them: Peter Eveille, John Girch, Reginald Gillard, Peter Sutton, Jan Omerod, Raymond Aitchison, Reginald Andrew, Donald Cameron, Everard Cotterill, Murray Crawford, Kevin Cremer, Frederick Duchurst, Monica Bailey, Peter Baldwin and Robyn Wheeler.

Finally, I want to thank Peter Eveille who is retiring as president. He has been president of the RSL branch for three years. Thank you so much for the service that you have given to our community, Peter. I also wish John King, who is the incoming president, all the best. I trust he has big boots to fill. Peter has been an extraordinary president. I wish John all the best. Thank you again, Peter, for your commitment to our community.

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