Standing up for Canberra

Report into malaria drug must be made public

Labor is again calling on Defence Minister Marise Payne to publicly release the Inspector-General of the Australian Defence Force’s report into anti-malarial drug Mefloquine.

The release of the report will go a long way to providing much-needed transparency for concerned ADF members, veterans and their families.

Keeping the Inspector-General’s report locked away in a drawer means keeping everyone in the dark.

Labor welcomes reports that the Member for Herbert has supported Labor’s calls for greater transparency on this issue.

Defence Minister Payne has the discretion to decide whether or not to give serving members, concerned veterans and their families the reassurance that their allegations have been investigated thoroughly and fairly by making this report public.

It is time for the Minister to step up.

Labor awaits the release of the report and any recommendations contained within it.

If the Government does not give this issue appropriate consideration, Labor will look to establish a Senate inquiry.