Recognising Canberra women on International Women’s Day

Member for Canberra, Gai Brodtmann took time out on International Women’s Day to visit Valerie Reid, an inspirational Canberra woman with a pioneering spirit.

Valerie first came to Canberra many decades ago and started her own business, a tourist launch, on the newly-formed Lake Burley Griffin.

Her daughter wrote to Ms Brodtmann to nominate her as a “Canberra Legend”.

“Today is International Women’s Day and a perfect opportunity to say thankyou to the women of Canberra who have contributed so much to our community.

“It was lovely to have the opportunity to meet Valerie Reid today, and hear about her business successes in what was very much a man’s world all those years ago.

“I recently spoke about Valerie in Parliament. She has certainly had her own fair share of struggles and setbacks, but her persistence and enthusiasm paid off and she paved the way for many other women in Canberra who dreamed of having their own business.

“It was wonderful to meet Valerie on International Women’s Day and present her with a small gift.”

Ms Brodtmann presented Valerie with a framed copy of her Hansard speech, which talked about Valerie’s achievements.

“This is what International Women’s Day is all about – celebrating our achievements over the years. Valerie is a true Canberra Legend,” Ms Brodtmann said.

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