Standing up for Canberra

Tumbleweeds on the Canberra Runway as Qantas cancels more flights

Today Qantas cancelled five flights from Canberra to Sydney and delayed one. It cancelled the 7.15 am, cancelled the 9.15 am, cancelled the 11.10 am, cancelled the 1.00 pm, delayed the 1.30 pm and cancelled the 4.45 pm.

These are the flights from Canberra to Sydney. You do wonder what flight actually left Canberra today for Sydney, given the fact that it seems like all day there have been flights cancelled or delayed. Qantas doesn't seem to think that Canberrans are travelling to Sydney for a reason—that we just go out to the airport and sit there because we really love doing that. They don't think that we are travelling to Sydney for business meetings, doctors' appointments, funerals, anniversaries, birthdays, weddings, concerts or sporting events. And what is the minister doing about this? Absolutely nothing! The inaction is breathtaking.

According to the minister, he is 'monitoring the situation'—monitoring the situation that goes from bad to worse, monitoring the situation of monthly cancellation rates up to seven times the national average, monitoring the situation that is leaving thousands and thousands of people left stranded out at Canberra Airport or left stranded at Sydney Airport. The Turnbull government's inaction again underscores the complete and utter disdain for Canberra by this government.

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