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Protect Community Broadcasting

The Abbott Government’s Commission of Audit has recommended abolishing the Community Broadcasting Program, which would mean cutting funding to much loved Canberra radio stations like ArtSound, CMS Radio, 2XX and 1RPH.

Community broadcasting provides a vitally important and independent voice to over five million Australians every week.

In a multicultural nation, community broadcasting is particularly important in linking new migrants and established communities with each other, their cultures, and the nation, as well as providing information about government services and events.

Community radio stations such as Canberra’s 1RPH also play an important role in helping the visually impaired stay connected by turning print into sound.

Community radio stations are often run by hardworking volunteers, and the small amount of Government funding they do receive is vital to their ongoing viability.

I support the Community Broadcasting Program because it is an investment in positive social outcomes for our community.
Sign the petition to demand the Abbott Government guarantee that the Community Broadcasting Program is not a victim of its Budget cuts.

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