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Reports Reiterate Need for a National Approach to PFAS Contamination


Labor once again calls on the Turnbull Government to implement a national, coordinated, consistent response to PFAS contamination in light of the weekend’s reports

Right now, communities are uncertain about their futures, confused by mixed messages from multiple sources and deeply distressed.  

And the Turnbull Government just continues to drag its feet.

The PFAS Task Force, which was established in February 2017 to develop a whole of government approach, has been missing in action since. 

We’re now on to our sixth Minister in three years as responsibility for PFAS contamination gets shifted from one Minister to another.

And the ‘solution’ promised in May last year is yet to materialise.

If the Turnbull Government is serious about the concerns of residents living near PFAS contaminated sites, it will settle on one Minister, kick start the Task Force and release its solution now. 

MONDAY, 18 JUNE 2018