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Turnbull Government continues to fail on PFAS

The Turnbull Government’s response to PFAS contamination has hit a new low.

Not only has the Turnbull Government failed to provide a nationally consistent, coordinated approach to support communities living near PFAS affected areas, it is now involved in a public stand-off with the NSW Environment Protection Agency. 

In October the Defence Minister said:

“Defence continues to work closely with the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet-led PFAS taskforce which is developing the whole-of-government response to this issue, including potential support to affected communities.”

What is the reclusive PFAS Taskforce doing?

Is the mystery PFAS Taskforce working with or against the NSW EPA?

Why hasn’t the Turnbull Government announced the ‘solution’ promised by the Assistant Minister to the Prime Minister in May?

Communities grappling with PFAS contamination deserve better than a divided and dysfunctional Turnbull Government that has failed to develop a national, coordinated policy response and failed to deliver on its promises time and time again.