Standing up for Canberra

Only thing slower than Canberra’s internet is the wait for Turnbull Government to address it

While the average Australian has a download speed of 13.9 megabits per second, some Canberrans are struggling with internet speeds in single digits.

Even though I’ve written to the Minister, delivered petitions to the Parliament and expressed the frustrations of Canberrans in countless speeches on the NBN rollout, the Turnbull Government has completely failed to listen.

That’s why I’ve asked Canberrans to send me screenshots of their upload and download speeds.

The response has been overwhelming.

Some of the internet speed test results I’ve received show how underserved Canberrans have been by the Turnbull Government’s decision to leave Canberra as one big blank space on the NBN rollout map.

These include:

  • Rob in Chisholm: 9 Mbps

  • Gavin in Conder: 1.4 Mbps

  • Ahmad in Calwell: 3.8 Mbps

  • Ryan in Conder: 0.5 Mbps

  • Alan in Fisher: 0.2 Mbps

Alan in Fisher takes 70 seconds to download what the average Australian downloads in one.

These results are further evidence that the Turnbull Government has a blindspot the size and shape of Canberra.

Yet many suburbs in Canberra’s south are still not included on the latest rollout map.

I am asking Canberrans to send me your speeds and send the Turnbull Government a message.

Because the nation’s capital should not have the nation’s worst broadband.

And if they won’t listen, we’ll make them look.

Tuesday, 8 November 2016