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Only Labor can be trusted to protect Seaward Village

Labor has today announced its commitment to protecting the future of Seaward Village at Swanbourne in Western Australia.

Seaward Village is home to members of the Special Air Service (SAS) Regiment and Australian Defence Force (ADF) members and their families.

Labor is proud to have fought a successful campaign to force the Turnbull Liberal Government to back down on its ill-conceived redevelopment proposal.

The Turnbull Liberal Government’s redevelopment plan would have seen parts of the village sold off for private non-Defence housing and existing homes knocked down and rebuilt on smaller plots.

Members of the SAS should not have to be concerned about the security or welfare of their families at home when they are deployed.

A Shorten Labor Government will provide certainty and security to the Seaward Village community by prohibiting a future sale while it remains home to SAS members and their families.

A Shorten Labor Government will:

  • Update and strengthen the Deed of Covenant over Seaward Village to ensure it adequately recognises the unique role of the SAS and protects the security, community and integrity of the village.
  • Ensure Defence Housing Australia properly consults and communicates with the Seaward Village community as part of any refurbishment process.
  • Ensure the refurbishment brings all properties into compliance with Defence standards while minimising disruption to SAS and ADF members and their families.
  • Develop a long-term housing strategy for SAS members and their families based at Campbell Barracks, taking into account the special requirements of the SAS and findings of the Evans Review that was conducted into the proposed redevelopment of Seaward Village.

The Turnbull Liberal Government has been forced to backflip on its redevelopment plan on the eve of the federal election – but there is nothing to stop it changing its mind again and selling off parts of Seaward Village in the future.

Only Labor can be trusted to provide certainty and security for the families of Seaward Village.