One Year On, Plenty Of Outputs But Few Outcomes

Today marked the first anniversary of the launch of the Turnbull Government’s Australian Cyber Security Strategy.  

While Labor welcomes the First Annual Update of the strategy, it’s clear a lot of the past 12 months has been spent delivering plenty of outputs - meetings, dialogues, planning sessions, scoping studies, restructures and events - but very few tangible outcomes. 

But when you're measuring progress against a series of motherhood statements, aspirations and buzzwords and no timeframes it's pretty hard to even know if you've achieved an outcome. 

If the Turnbull Government is serious about cyber security, it needs to get serious about meaningful Key Performance Indicators and deadlines in future updates. 

And it needs to provide some transparency around how it actually measures "progress" and "strong progress". 

Otherwise the Prime Minister's claim that the strategy's initiatives have had a "clear impact" are completely meaningless. 


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