NBN speeds that couldn't run a doorbell

Canberrans are tearing their hair out at the delay in the NBN rollout. They're dealing with download and upload speeds of less than one megabit per second.

Those who do actually have access to the NBN are also tearing their hair out. They're frustrated with second-rate infrastructure. They're frustrated about the fact that the promises they were given have not been delivered. They're frustrated at the fact that they've been promised oversold capabilities and those haven't been delivered. I have this from a member of the community: 'We presently have an ADSL plan with Telstra running at about 13.38 megabits per second download, 0.81 upload, with no drop-outs. We recently installed a wireless video doorbell. It will not work properly as it needs an upload speed of at least two megabits per second. A friend in Turner has recently been connected to the NBN. She's not rich, and so opted for a basic package, providing her with 11.39 meg download, 0.86 upload. So, after all the time, effort, money and political capital expended on the NBN, her basic NBN service is no better than my existing ADSL service, and it wouldn't properly run a doorbell.' It wouldn't properly run a doorbell! With internet upload speeds delivered on the NBN that can't even operate a doorbell, how are Australian businesses, especially small businesses meant to achieve success? (Time expired)

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