Standing up for Canberra


Here in the nation's capital, just 15 minutes from this very Parliament House, Canberrans are experiencing some of the worst internet speeds in the world. This is having a significant impact on their ability to take part in educational opportunities, on their ability to take part in active citizenry and also on their ability to set up small businesses and to work from home. 

It is because of the Turnbull government's complete and utter contempt for Canberra that they are not even on the NBN rollout map. Go to the NBN site, search for when the NBN is going to be rolled out here in Canberra and for most of it you just get one big blank space. This from a government that said every Australian would have NBN by last year.

I have petitioned the Turnbull government for Canberra to be prioritised, I have written to the Turnbull government, I have spoken about our parlous situation countless times, and the response has been absolutely nothing. So I have asked Canberrans to send me their speeds to highlight their appalling internet connections. From Bruce in Theodore: line speed 0.52 megabits per second; download 0.07 megabits per second. From Pamela in Calwell, here in the nation's capital: download 0.16 megabits per second; upload 0.77 megabits per second. And from Marcus in Fadden: download 5.62 megabits; upload 0.88 megabits. If this government will not listen, then we have got to show them these appalling speeds in Canberra.

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