Small Businesses in Canberra being hurt by NBN blunders

Imagine trying to run a small business without access to internet and phone services. In my electorate, as I speak, there's a small business called Swimart Erindale, which is run by Wendy and Peter, in Gartside Street, Wanniassa. The business provides a range of pool and spa products and services. Wendy and Peter haven't had access to phone or internet services since 8.30 am yesterday.

That is nearly 29 hours without vital services that they actually pay for and that they actually expect. Without these services they are unable to run their business. Their business is run entirely on a cloud server, and Wendy and Peter have been forced to turn customers away and send staff home, uncertain about when they will be able to return to work.

Their service providers, Optus and Telstra, are advising this was caused by NBN Co switching over the exchange at Kambah—winning strategy, NBN Co! After spending close to five hours on the phone to Optus, Telstra and NBN Co, Wendy and Peter have been told they have to wait another 24 to 48 hours, and possibly over the weekend, before someone can come look at their problem. Wendy and Peter have bills to pay. They've got staff to pay, and their staff have bills to pay.

This isn't just affecting Swimart; it's affecting eight other businesses in Canberra, in my electorate. This is unacceptable. I'm calling on the minister to fix this problem.

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