Standing up for Canberra

National Problem Needs a National Solution

Nearly 12 months ago, Labor led from the front and called for a consistent, national approach to assessing, remediating and managing PFAS contamination at Commonwealth sites.

Yet despite the uncertainty and stress the issue has caused in communities across Australia, it would appear the Turnbull Government still has not developed one.

According to Caroline Wilkie, Chief Executive, Australian Airports Association in today’s Canberra Times “the finalisation of this national PFAS management regulatory framework has not yet been completed."

Labor recognises a national problem needs a national solution.

Nearly 12 months ago, Labor also called for a national intergovernmental taskforce to coordinate the response of government agencies to PFAS contamination.

Finally, the Turnbull Government appears to have moved on the issue, with recent Estimates hearings suggesting a taskforce has been set up in the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, although detail is scant.

Is this the same taskforce Labor called for nearly 12 months ago?

Why has it taken so long for the taskforce to be established?

Will the taskforce develop a nationally consistent approach to PFAS contamination?

Why isn’t information on the PFAS taskforce on the department’s website?

When will communities know exactly what this taskforce is set up to do?

The creation of a mystery taskforce, and the silence about what it will actually do, only adds to the anxiety around the country about the Turnbull Government’s ability to manage any response to PFAS contamination.

Monday, 20 March 2017