Standing up for Canberra

My Questions about the Drone Delivery Trial

Last week I met with Project Wing to discuss the drone trial currently rolling out in Bonython, in my electorate, and I had a long list of questions. Many residents of Bonython were completely unaware that this trial was going to take place, despite the fact that Project Wing told me the community was notified by a letterbox drop and through community events.

So that was interesting. Obviously, the letterbox didn't go throughout the entire suburb. The number of people who claimed they were unaware has left me wondering who actually conducted these consultations and how long the consultation period went for.

There are still plenty of questions about the privacy and cybersecurity of the data recorded by these drones, what information is being captured, what customer data is being recorded and what cybersecurity standards Project Wing has in place to secure this data. What frameworks are there? Is it using MIST? Is it using Top 4? Is it using Essential 8? And if someone wants their personal data deleted, who do they contact? What does the process look like? Can the images be deleted?

My meeting with Project Wing also revealed there is no end date scheduled for this trial. So we have a trial happening in my electorate for a drone delivery service and we don't actually have an end date. What does that mean? Is this going to go on ad infinitum?

Canberra, keep sending me your thoughts on the drone trial.