Minister Needs to Come Clean on PFAS Usage at Defence Sites

Labor is deeply concerned by today's reports that firefighting foam containing PFAS chemicals is still being used at shared airports in Darwin and Townsville.

The Minister for Defence needs to come clean on whether these chemicals are still in use at the Darwin and Townsville airports, other shared airports or other Defence sites.

And if so, why?

Communities living near the 18 sites identified by Defence as affected by PFAS contamination are already anxious and uncertain.

They are already anxious about the results from Defence’s preliminary sampling analysis conducted last year.

They are uncertain about what the recently released Food Standards Australia New Zealand guidelines mean for them.

Their stress and anxiety will only be exacerbated by today's reports that PFAS chemicals are still being used.

For more than 18 months, Labor has repeatedly called for the Turnbull Government to be open and transparent in its management of the PFAS contamination issue.

Once again we make that call. Minister for Defence, please come clean on whether PFAS is still being used at Defence sites.


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