Be Enrolled to have your say

Labor has always said that the easiest, fastest, cheapest and least divisive way to deliver marriage equality is through a free vote in parliament. All 25 or so changes to the Marriage Act have been made by the parliament, so why is marriage equality any different?

Unfortunately, thanks to this divided, dysfunctional government we are now faced with a $122 million non-binding postal survey on marriage equality, which is just a fabulous outcome for the Prime Minister. Despite Labor's concern about this non-binding postal survey, we have been encouraging people to sign up, to enrol to vote by 24 August.

But like so much of what this government touches, this has not been easy. We have been hampered by a lack of information, a lack of detail and a lack of clarity.

My office has been inundated with questions from Canberrans asking: if people are overseas, can they vote early? How do people get a postal vote sent overseas if they're travelling, particularly if they're not staying in one place? What happens to people registered as silent voters? How does the information get given to the ABS? Do I need to register to receive the postal vote?

I encourage Canberrans to get on the AEC website to find out how to enrol to vote and to check if you are enrolled to vote and to change your details. The survey is not ideal, but Canberrans: get out there and enrol to vote.

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